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Northern Star Partners

Independent and active asset management in global markets

Our Services

Our portfolio management services are aimed for clients looking to take advantage of our know-how on more broad-based terms than our fund range. Our clients are able to fully take advantage of our investment team’s extensive knowledge in global markets. Our services are always tailor-made based on our clients’ individual needs and goals.

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Discretionary portfolio management

  • A minimum investment of one million euros
  • Full discretionary mandates based on tailor-made investment objectives
  • Our goal is to enable our clients to take full advantage of our key competencies while pursuing their individual investment objectives
  • A full range of ready-made investment strategies to choose from

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Consultative portfolio management

  • A minimum investment of five million euros
  • Under a consultative service agreement the client makes the final investment decisions supported by our investment recommendations based on the client’s investment objectives
  • The client is fully able to use the full range of investment instruments available in our disposal

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Strategic advisory services

  • Our strategic partnership concept is aimed for clients with significant asset base
  • Our aim is to help deepen the client’s know-how and produce added value to their investment planning and tactical allocation

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